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One Sitting Root Canal 


Single sitting root canal treatment is becoming very popular these days. The single visit root canals The single visit root canals are very common at good dentist mumbai with the patients and dentists these days. Everyone wants to finish the treatment as soon as possible due to fast pace life style and less time. Also people finding the dental appointment not to be a pleasant experience want to get the work done at the earliest. The dentists also can earn big sum of money in less time therefore single sitting root canal treatments are gaining popularity these days. One-visit endodontics offers the advantages like more profitable for the dentist, less traumatic for the patient and also less time consuming and more cost friendly. But single-visit root canal treatment cannot be done in all the cases. In cases where the pulp is infected and associated with periapical infection and in cases of draining sinus of pus the root canals should be ideally cleaned and medicatements placed, and the canals filled at subsequent visits on elimination of the infection completely. Usually any single visit at a dentist could last about 30 to 60 mins.


Single Visit
Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment is one of the most advancing Branch of Endodontics.

Previously, it was considered to be painful after obturation specially in non-vital teeth.
But now, with revolutionary changes in concepts, it is considered as a routine & painless procedure even in non-vital teeth cases. Rather statistics reveals that single visit endo procedure causes pain less frequently than multiple visit endo procedure.The only thing required is just minute modifications in your technique.


Single sitting RCT is now days very popular among Dental Surgeons as well as patients.
We hope that this site will guide properly, wash off all misconcepts & inspire you to start Single sitting RCT at your clinic.

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