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Invisible Braces


Wearing braces has never been so convenient and comfortable. With recent advances in material technology, orthodontic treatments can be completed in a very short span of time, without anyone knowing about it. Gone are the days of ugly metal braces which had to be worn for years. We are Dentist in Bandra which specialise in this service.


Invisible braces or clear aligners are wafer-thin, transparent aligners that fit snugly on your teeth and gently move them in place to give you a perfect smile. They offer you all the benefits of conventional orthodontics without the inconvenience of having to wear brackets and wires.


Computer crafted: Invisible braces are created using the latest digital mapping and molding technology.

Transparent: Invisible braces are clear so no one will know you are straightening your teeth.

Removable: You can remove your alligners to eat, drink or brush.

Comfortable: Invisible braces have clear edges that do not irritate your gums or cheeks.

Effective: The treatment is completed in very short span of time - 4 to 12 months and shows the most accurate results.

One Visit: International patients can just make one visit of 2 days. After that, the alligners are periodically sent to your address So please visit Dentist in Andherifor specialised treatments.


These are a special kind of braces that work behind the teeth, offered by good dentist Mumbai They are customized to bond to the back of your teeth, leaving the front of your smile entirely untouched.


Orthodontics is about wearing braces for a limited time to improve your smile for the rest of your life. Your confidence and the health of your mouth are also likely to be positively affected. We can correct problems like crooked or overlapping teeth, spaces between the teeth or teeth that stick out, just book an appointment with us,dentist Mumbai.


Most adults seek orthodontic treatment for cosmetic reasons; however, many may seek treatment because of jaw dysfunction, excessive wear of individual teeth or problems with dental hygiene.


Whatever your reasons, we at Smile craft dental speciality Clinic, best dentist in mumbai will concentrate on straightening your teeth and achieving harmony of your teeth, jaws and face. And if you want invisible braces, you have definitely come to the right place.

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