Gums Correction.


Q - What is Gum Contouring?

A - Gum Contouring is a dental procedure used to reshape the gums when excess gum tissue (excessive gingival display) covers part of the teeth making the teeth appear smaller, affecting the smile and facial expression. Gum surgery can also be used to treat receding gums when the tissue pulls away from the teeth or if there is less gum tissue exposing the tooth root. We at smilecraft dental speciality offer treatments of Best Dentist in Mumbai


 Although not a medical risk, the excess gum growth can affect the formation of the smile, making the face appear lop-sided or having a skewed expression. Sometimes this condition is called a "gummy smile".


This can affect how the person feels about themselves, their self-esteem and mental health, and also how others respond. Gum Contouring reshapes the gums to allow a natural looking smile that builds confidence and is appealing to others.


If there is less gum tissue causing receding gums, then the root of the tooth can become exposed causing over-sensitivity and pain in the mouth. Gum surgery can treat this and allows you to feel much more comfortable.


 Excess gum tissue covering the teeth can result from hereditary or health conditions, and also from certain medications used to treat high blood pressure or hypertension.


Q - How does Gum Contouring work?

A - After our resident dentist provides you with a local anaesthetic to numb the gums, a laser is used to painlessly reshape the gums by trimming away the excess gum tissue and sealing the blood vessels for comfortable and quicker healing. The procedure can take between twenty to thirty minutes. Sometimes patients have excess bone growth that also needs removal treatment before the gums can be reshaped. The bone removal is quite a straight forward procedure and either crowns or veneers can be fitted afterwards to give a brighter look to your teeth when you smile.


In gum surgery, the tissue may be grafted from the palate to build and reshape the gums that are receded. In some cases, veneers are also used to give you natural looking teeth with a beautiful smile that appeals to others. Our wish is to help you lead a healthy life by our renowned services from addiction treatment center in India.


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